JOBS at UHoP & PHA Wellness Foundation

We've got a lot of amazing opportunities!  Some start as volunteer positions and are intended to transition to paid jobs either on a commission, salaried or combination of commission and salary.   Some jobs, such as student internships, may have a small stipend.   Grant-supported jobs must fit within the grant guidelines.    All of our jobs offer immense job satisfaction and the opportunity to do something important.  

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We're passionate about helping to educate and advocate for Pennsylvania's homeowners & property owners.   


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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens
can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist

Jobs at PHA (Join Our Team!)

Our staff members are dedicated, professional men and women who work together and encourage one another.  
If you're looking for a positive, collaborative work environment, PHA & PHA Wellness Foundation are

Download and complete an application.  You may scan it and email it (with your resume) to us or you can send it to us via postal mail at:

    UHoP & PHA Wellness Foundation
64 Harmony Dr.
Johnstown, PA 15909

Grant Writer & Administrator 
Identify those elements of the UHoP & PHA Wellness Found-ation's operation, mission and tasks that lend themselves to grant support and develop appropriate applications of funding for employment within UHoP & PHA Wellness Foundation. Also, the Grant Administrator is responsible for educational seminars and training programs that benefit homeowners (e.g., energy conservation and mortgage re-financing).

Executive Director
Manage the affairs of UHoP & PHA Wellness Foundation and carry out the mission.  Early emphasis is on grant and member support.

Membership Manager
Manage all of the functions of membership management such as membership growth and development, dues and donations, maintaining the membership database, and member commun-ications.  Develop and maintain UHoP & PHA Wellness Foundation Chapters across the state.

Social Media & Communications Director 
Build membership via Social Media; issue press releases and public announcements; maintain UHoP & PHA Wellness Foundation's website and social media; create and update marketing and education material (e.g., brochures, etc.); public speaking and news media; member communications; engage guests to the website and social media; sustain a dialogue with online guests and SEO (search engine optimization) presence online.

Advertising & Marketing Field Director
Contact potential business and professional members both for membership and for advertising in My Pennsylvania Home and on the UHoP website.   Maintain and expand current business and professional memberships.

Email Manager 
Assist the Communications Director with email blasts to members, member data entry and phone and email responses to members.

Member Forum Manager 
Poll members on current policy issues, encourage member participation, and stimulate discussion.  Publish member comments and poll results online.  Maintain the UHoP blog to members and manage the UHoP member forum.

News Director
Maintain the UHoP & PHA Wellness Foundation blog. Monitor the public news media and specialized services such as State Impact and The Pennsylvania Bulletin for news items of interest to members.  Analyze public policy issues facing local and state government (in relation to homeowners and property owners) in Pennsylvania and identify issues that should be addressed.  Encourage discussion of key issues in the Member Forum.  Invite members to suggest solutions.

Events Manager
Create, promote and stage events for UHoP & PHA Wellness Foundation, such as Home and Garden Shows.  Determine other events at which UHoP & PHA Wellness Foundation can exhibit.  Plan, update and manage the UHoP exhibit.

Education Director
Design, promote and conduct seminars, webinars, trade shows, etc. on subjects of interest to homeowners and property owners and to UHoP & PHA Wellness Foundation's business and professional members.

Member Ombudsman 
Encourage members with problems to contact UHoP for help with problem resolution.   The ombudsman will contact the member, identify the problem and assist with the resolution of the problem.   Whether or not resolution is attainable, the member is aware of UHoP interest and support.

Affinity Managers  
*Usually, but not necessarily, persons previously in the following industries:

The banking industry is closely aligned with the housing industry by providing money for home construction and home improvements, equity loans and reverse annuity financing.  In addition, banks, savings and loans and credit unions offer demand deposits, loans, credit and debit cards and investment services to homeowners and property owners.  The banking affinity manager would contact and service the banking industry on behalf of UHoP.

The insurance industry, also closely aligned with the housing industry, insures homeowners against the risks of home ownership.   Bankers often require that homeowners be insured before making mortgage loans and sometimes mortgage insurance is required in order to guarantee payment.  The insurance industry affinity manager would contact and service the insurance industry on behalf of UHoP.

Building trades and home improvements
Home builders and the building trades construct and maintain our homes.   Home improvement providers help homeowners maintain their homes in good condition and to provide upgrades.   The building trades affinity manager would contact and service the home construction and improvement industry on behalf of UHoP.

Management Intern 
Local student interns at UPJ, IUP, St. Francis University and Mount Aloysius are invited to design and implement projects in information technology, communications, public policy analysis, political science or public admin-istration.  *We will work with your faculty advisor to see that you get full credit.

If there's something here of interest to you, contact us!  


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