The "Unsung Hero Award"

The military recognizes valor and heroism on the battlefield and awards medals of various distinction.  Sports heroes are recognized for their prowess on the playing field, are elected to Halls of Fame and signed to lucrative contracts.  Rock stars become famous and wealthy. 

But in every community there are unsung heroes whose valor, courage and selflessness goes unrecognized and unrewarded.  These heroes will never get a medal, never get any fame, never get any money and will never ride in a parade held in their honor.  Their acts of heroism may continue for years or for a lifetime.  These are the heroes who have unselfishly given of themselves so that others could thrive, who are there as caregivers for those they love and who make it possible for loved ones to receive the care they need – often at home.  Some heroes work to save the environment  we all share and which some would like to destroy.  Some work to protect other species.  These unsung heroes didn’t intend to be heroes; they are ordinary people of uncommon caring and courage.  They are heroes because they accepted the responsibility fate placed upon them and/or they just wanted to "make a positive difference."

UHoP and PHA Wellness Foundation want to recognize these unsung heroes and wants to present to them "The Unsung Hero Award."  Anyone can nominate a deserving person they know for the award.  The award can be made in confidence and with, or without, public recognition. 

*A nomination can be filed online, below, or a print nomination can be sent to PHA at:  64 Harmony Drive, Johnstown, PA 15909.
If mailing your nomination to our office, please be sure to include ALL the information required below.

Questions and/or concerns should be emailed to:

 *Would you like to donate to our Unsung Hero Award Fund?  Pay it forward!
Your donation will ensure we're able to continue this very important community recognition
for our most deserving "unsung heroes!"

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