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Why is it important for homeowners to organize?
Homeowners (those who pay the property taxes) have the largest stake in the community well-being and have the right to have a say in what services are needed and what property taxes are reasonable.

What is the United Homeowners of Pennsylvania (UHoP)?
UHoP is a state-wide, nonprofit, nonpartisan, community service organization created to protect and promote homeowners and home-ownership across Pennsylvania. Any homeowner or landowner may be a member.  Businesses and professionals providing goods and services to homeowners may be members, as well.  

Officers and board members are volunteers.
Why should I join UHoP?
We need you and you need the protection of your fellow homeowners.  The more members we have, the better we are heard as we work to protect your homes.   Regrettably, many public agencies severely limit public comment and rarely heed the words of a single citizen.  Together, as the largest stakeholder group in the State, Pennsylvania homeowners can have a significant impact!

What does "nonprofit" really mean?
Our purpose is to provide a public service, not to make a profit.  We have no stockholders and our officers receive no pay or benefits.  Any year-end earned surplus is reserved for services. 

What does "nonpartisan" mean?
It means that we do not support or oppose persons or political parties.  Our job is to inform and to educate homeowners and citizens about issues.  We offer suggestions to make things better. 
  We encourage citizens to vote.

What are the biggest issues facing homeowners?
The threat to drinking water sources from fracking is a big concern, as well as the lack of adequate bonding requirements to protect future generations from the threat of polluted water sources from toxic chemicals leaching from abandoned wells.

The property tax is certainly a cause for a great concern.  The cumulative effect of tax increases year-after-year by all of the taxing authorities (e.g., school, municipality, county) can be oppressive and confiscatory.   Every mill of property tax carries with it the threat of a tax lien and confiscation.  No tax should threaten your home!

A lack of a homestead exemption is an issue.  In Pennsylvania, any creditor or litigant can try to take your home.

The inability of Pennsylvania citizens to put issues on a State ballot is a big issue.

Runaway Authorities performing in an arbitrary and capricious manner with no accountability to the homeowners they serve are not the norm; however, where they exist, they are an issue. 
Any issue decreasing the value of your home or your quality of life is a big issue to UHoP

Tell us of issues affecting your home 
and wellness... We want to HEAR FROM YOU!

*If you have a question not answered here, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

or call: (814) 262-8323

 The United Homeowners of Pennsylvania works FOR YOU 
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